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Yogyakarta Restaurant Guide

Dining Out in Yogyakarta

Whist, it easy to eat out very nicely and very cheaply in Yogya with the exception of 4 and 5 star hotels, Yogya doesn't yet have the amazing diversity of international cuisines that you will find in either Jakarta or Bali. With most dining establishments featuring more or less the same Indonesian, Chinese or Pandang cuisine finding something a bit different can take time.

So to help you get started we've outlined a few of our favourite spots. Be advised that YogyakartaHotels.com does not accept any advertising, sponsorship or freebies. Further when we say a restaurant is moderate or expensive it is in relation to other restaurants in Yogyakarta. Scale is $ (Inexpensive) to $$$$$ (Very Expensive). So with no further ado, the knife and fork please.....

Gaja Wong - Mixed, Indonesian & Western $$$1/2
Comments :
The expat favourite, Gaja Wong has several dining areas, each with its own unique setting and live music to entertain diners. Food is well prepared and nicely presented. All around, a very nice place to spend an evening in Yogya.
Address : Jalan Gejayan Telp: 588-294

Lesehan SBTB - Indonesian $1/2
Comments :
Lesehan actually refers to the social act of eating together while seated on straw mats (no chairs). The food is tasty but simple and the prices are down to earth (no pun intended). There are several Lesehan style eateries on Jl. Malioboro - none bad, however SBTB is better lit & cleaner than most (as evidenced by the number of folks queing for a spot).
Address : Jalan Malioboro at corner Jalan Suryatmajan

Omah Dhuwur - Mixed, Indonesian & Western $$$
Comments :
This historically significant site - the longest continually inhabitated home in Yogya provides a dramatic backdrop for romantic dinners on the back terrace. Menu is well prepared and the waitstaff are friendly and attentive.
Address : Jalan Mondorakan 252 / Kotagede. Telp: 374-952

Rumah Mertua - Indonesian $$1/2
Comments : In the boutique hotel of the same name, this delightful restaurant serves up delicious Indonesian (and only Indonesian) fare in a very Javanese setting. Relaxing at lunch, romantic at dinner.
Address : Jalan Palagan Tentara Pelajar, Tegalwaras Sariharjo - Sleman. Telp: 866 680

The Legian Restaurant - Mixed, Indonesian & Western $$
Comments : Located above the the din of Jl. Malioboro at the corner of Jl. Perwakilan, the venerable rooftop Legian restauarant serves a nicely varied menu but the speciality of the house is Gudeg Ayam (chiken with jackfruit and rice) - a must for visitors.
Address : Jalan Malioboro at Jl Perwakilan

Favorite Steak & Pastel - Steakhouse $$1/2
Comments : Cheerful little place offering a variety of local and imported sirloin, tenderloin and t-bone steaks at very reasonable prices. BTW, 'pastel' is a pudding style dessert.
Address : Jalan Malioboro

Dutch Cafe - International $$$
Comments : As the name implies this is the place to go for Dutch inspired as well as tasty Indonesian food. It has a cozy atmosphere and stays open until 1:00 AM.
Address : Jalan Prawirotaman 47A

Intan Sari - Indonesian buffet $$
Comments : A great place for the hungry traveller or someone who wants to sample everyday local fare. Clean and delicious prices are determined by what you take - not how much - so pile it on.
Address : Jalan Langensari 23 Telp: 585-071

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Local Cuisine

One of the great things about Yogyakarta is the variety of cuisine from around the Archipelago. Just to get you started, below we have outlined some of Indonesia's most popular dishes:

Yogyanese Favourites:

Made from Gori (young jackfruit) that has been cut into small pieces and boiled with various spices. Usually served dry but can also come in a broth. An extremely popular meal choice in Yogyakarta is known as “Nasi Gudeg” which is rice steamed in coconut milk with pieces of jackfruit intermixed.

Boiled vegetables ie. green beans, spinach, sprouts etc. served with spicy peanut sauce.

Pecel lele:
Fried cat fish served with pecel (above).


Sliced young coconut with sugar stir fried without oil until dry. Very sweet.

A small round pastry filled with a green bean & red sugar paste wrapped in filo dough.

Indonesian Favourites:
Nasi Campur:
White rice, surrounded by small selection of meats, vegetables and condiments. Delicious and never the same twice.


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